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    Drawing a table on layout



      Drawing a table on layout


      How can I draw a table on a layout?  This table has nothing to do with a database table.  If I can insert a table on MS Word with columns and rows, can I do something similar with FileMaker?  Of course, I can insert lines and move them vertically and horizontally to make a table, but it sounds quite primitive.

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          "Drawing a table" has everything to do with your database table and what relationships you define.

          It may be that you need a portal to a related table and defining the table, relationship, then adding a portal is what you need.

          It may be that you need to arrange the fields from your table into a table format. Generally speaking, you'd use a list or table view for this where each record is a row in your table and each column is a field you defined in that table.

          If you want to arrange a set of fields from the same record into a table, that can also be done and you won't need to draw lines to do so--you can define field borders for your fields and just drag them into a grid pattern--but that approach suggests that you do not have the optimum design for your underlying table.

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            Thank you for the comment, but what if the record is not coming from a database table?  A script will generate a set of numbers, and I just need a space to  display the numbers nicely.

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              But what will you do with this data once you display it?

              You'll need a table for your numbers in many cases.

              You could use an arrangment of merge variables for this if you have FileMaker 11 or newer.

              If you are up for a more sophisticated approach and know the needed HTML, you can use a data URL to display a table formatted array of data in a web viewer--not something the average newbie can do, but can be pretty powerful and flexible way to display your data.