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    Drawing on graphics



      Drawing on graphics


      I have an application that uses a diagram - let's say it's a map of a city. I'd like to allow someone to put an x on the map to show where the live. 

      Any ideas on how to do this?

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          Have you tried using Google Maps in a web viewer? That can be set up to mark a position on the map as specified by an address stored in Filemaker Fields.

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            Thanks Phil - sorry for misleading you a bit, it's not a map scenario. Actually trying to mark an injury or pain point on a body diagram. 

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              It's theoretically possible, but you'd need to decide if it's worth the trouble and if so, test to see if you get your layout to refresh with acceptable responsiveness.

              You could put your diagram in a container field.

              Put a transparent portal with transparent fields in front of it.

              Fill each portal row with a set of transparent, square fields so that the portal forms an invisible grid over the chart.

              Set up the fields as buttons that all perform the same script, but pass the name of the field as a script parameter using this expression:

              GetFieldName ( PortalTable::Field ) in the script parameter box.

              Then your script can be one line: SetFieldByName [get ( ScriptParameter ) ; "X"]

              and now you can click a portion of the chart to place an X there to mark the location clicked.

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                Everything worked well but I have a new complication. I need to be able to toggle the values (rotating through values X, O and space based on button clicks). I'm having a problem writing a single script here as the logic has to know what the prior value was to set the new value. Thoughts?


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                  You can use: GetField ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) to check the current value of your field in order to determine which value to next assign to that specified field.

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                    Got it to work -  it's a beautiful thing. Anyone wants to see the code let me know.  Thanks Phil!