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    Drawing on picture in Filemaker Pro 13



      Drawing on picture in Filemaker Pro 13


           Hi everyone, 

           I am trying to figure out if Filemaker Pro will work for me in my specific situation.  I need to be able to place an image and then be able to sketch over top of it.  No hi-res or anything, just a simple line drawing and the ability to sketch over top.

           Infopath did it blindingly easily and so, of course, Microsoft decided to kill Infopath.  I am trying to set up a database to chart on physiotherapy patients and need the ability to draw in pain locations on a line drawing of the human body.  Nothing fancy.

           Any thoughts?

           Thanks in advance

           Mike Poling

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               This isn't a native capability of FileMaker, but I seem to recall that there is a plug in that offers this type of thing. You might search for FileMaker Plug Ins and see what is available.

               Depending on the degree of detail needed, you might also be able to set up a grid of transparent container fields that overlays the human body image. The fields could be set up as buttons such that clicking one fills that field with a partially opaque color to "highlight" that location of the body underneath. This can be set up so that clicking the button a second time clears the highlight.