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    Drawing tables?



      Drawing tables?



           Is it possible to draw a table (not table view) in browse mode, i have seen only 1 other post asking this but it was more complicated involving plugins. I simply want to draw a table/grid with 4 rows and 4 collums.  Is this possible or do i HAVE to use a plugin? 


           thanks in advance.

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               Can you be a bit more expicit?

               You can draw the grid using lines in layout mode...you can put a field in eack "box" or "cell"...but what are you trying to accomplish?

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                 If you want to draw in a table like you can in MS Word, then no, this is not possible--not in Browse, Layout, nor in any other mode as a native FileMaker ability.

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                   Yeah i had a feeling it was impossible. instead i made one colored box, sent it to the back and then built up the rows and collums with lines. Group and lock, merge feilds so data seems to be entered in the cells. 

                   Little bit of trickery but its basically sorted. thanks for the answers.

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                     That seems like doing it the hard way.

                     You should be able just to drag and drop the fields on the layout and give them borders, fill, etc to get the appearance that you want. Then, since you used merge fields, you can use behavior settings to deny access to the fields when in browse mode if you want the data to be read only.