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Dreaded SAXException error

Question asked by MikeWile on Jul 17, 2015
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Dreaded SAXException error


I am working on a DB that I inherited. While trying to create a DDR I get the message that is attached. I believe that 0xC is a form feed. There are over 100 elements on this particular layout and through process of elimination, I found the field causing the problem. I delete it and no errors. I put it back and get the error. I put a different field on the layout and get the error. Any ideas on what else could be causing it? It doesn't appear to be a form feed because what I placed was directly from the field picker. I originally thought that, since the solution was created by someone on a PC that they copied and pasted and picked up the form feed by mistake. The error was on a tab panel so I thought maybe that was corrupt. I deleted the tab, created a new one, and placed the fields back. Same thing...remove that last field, no error; put it back and it generates an error.

I see from this forum that this SAXException error seems to have crept in with version 13 of Filemaker. Some say they could create a DDR on previous versions but the same layout generates an error in V13. I had hoped that FileMaker would have fixed this in V14 but a search of the Web seems to indicate they didn't.