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Dream app for Education Industry

Question asked by oprativ on Oct 30, 2009
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Dream app for Education Industry


Hello Everyone,


I'm doing some research for my institution, and I've read in other posts on this forum

that FM Pro supports the iPod Touch (IPT), but those posts didn't go into details...


Is it possible to create a custom form(s) for use on multiple IPTs and then aggregate the data

collected on those IPTs over the web into a FM db(s)? 


Put another way, we'd like to do field evaluations using custom forms on IPTs then send the data

over the web (using WiFi connection) into a FM db where we could run reports on the aggregated data.


Would we need anything other than FM Pro in order to do this, e.g. FM Server? 

Would FM Pro allow us to create the forms and deploy them to the IPTs? 

What FM version would we need? 


Any advice on what would be the best way to proceed would be greatly appreciated, and thank you all

for your patience.



Jim de Geus