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    Drill-down drop down menus



      Drill-down drop down menus


      I deal with hospital patients. I want a quick dd that lists patients and then branches into their 'contacts'. Is it possible to achieve this from a single drop-down?

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          If you have this relationship:


          Patients::PatientID = Contacts::PatientID

          or even:



          Then, yes, a single drop down of patient IDs and their names can be used to find a patient record and a portal on that layout can list the related contact information. It may not, however, be the best design option for your database depending on the number of records in your Patients table.

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            I will create the relationship and try this out. However, a question: If I'm trying to keep 'screen functionality' compact for iPhone use, what is likely to be best (I'm v. new to this) if:

            - Most people will have <20 current patients (though discharged might be >100).

            - Number of 'calculations' per patient will vary from <5 in most to >30 in a few.




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              Questions about iPhones and iPads are best asked in the FM GO forum. (See tab at top of this screen.)

              What is the relationship between "patients" and "contacts". Is there more than one "contact" for a given patient? (IF not, then no relationship is needed.

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                Most patients will have >1 contact and a few could have >20.