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    Drop Box Probs



      Drop Box Probs


           Hi guys, I'd like to have my database live on drop box and just update it from my local.  Is this possible?  Also I've tried to export a pdf to drop box but the save to/as dialog wont see drop box.




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               I keep both a distribution copy and a development copy of my Known Bugs List database in Drop box. That way, I can access it and update it from multiple locations--even copy it to my iPhone. But this is strictly a single user setup. I never open the database from drop box from more than one computer at one time and if I close my laptop without first closing the database, I get a "conflicted copy" in drop box that I have to open, check and then delete.

               Since Drop Box is just a folder on your computer, you can certainly save as or export files to it from FileMaker. But the precise path to that folder may not be the same on every computer and thus, you may have a bit of a challenge setting something up that always uses the correct file path for the current computer.

               But if the FileMaker File itself is located in a drop box folder, you can use a get function to get the file path to the FileMaker database file and use it to compute the file path to the desired folder for the exported file.

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                 Thanks so much for your reply!!  Its good to know that it will work.  Will the file path be the same as lives in the shortcut?

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                   Shortcut to what?

                   Get ( filepath ) can be used to get the file path to the current database file--which will be a location inside the drop box folder if the file is located in drop box.

                   You may find this thread on $path variables of interest to you: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts