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    Drop Down / Pop Up List



      Drop Down / Pop Up List


           This might be a very basic question but I can't seem to figure it out. 

           I have a field which I currently have as a drop down list but I wanted to prevent users from entering data not in the list.  I've searched and from what I can tell you can't prevent users from entering text and only allowing selections from the list.  The way around this I guess is using a popup instead which you can prevent users from typing in other text. 

           Now....my only issue with this is that when I use a popup field it seems to have really thick border lines around it, regardless of whether I change it to hairline, 1pt, etc.  Changing it from no effect or embossed doens't seem to do anything either.  Am I missing something?  It's just that on the portal this is the only field I would have as a popup so it doesn't look good with the one field being a different look than the rest and I don't want to change all the others to a thicker line, it looks horrible. 


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               Hi Annette

               in my experience - no, you can't avoid heavy lines on a popup

               but where do the values for the drop down come from? you should be able to control the ability to add values

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                 I figured away around it, basically putting no line and then a box behind it that is colour / line width I want and grouping them but it would be nice if I didn't have to do this. 

                 I have created a value list of options that I want to be used but with a drop down I can't figure out how to prevent the user from being able to over-write this.  When they click in field the first time they get the list, if they click a second time they can type what they want.   

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                   These Value list formats are generated by the Operating system you are using and NOT FMP.  Drop_Down Lists allow multiple selections and Pop_Up MENUES are different.  A menu can only be a Single item selected.  The graphic difference was decided by the OS to indicated the difference to the Human Interface Guidelines.  All menus have the "Drop shadow box" to give that info to your USER and is consistant within all Applications within a platform.

                   What you think is UGLY supposedly gives COMFORT to the USERwink.


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                     BTW you can Validate that field by defining "Member of  List only" option.  Thus preventing an entry not in the list.


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                       Ok Jim, that's fair enough, but I was asking 1. how to do limit to the list only on a drop down list if possible as I don't know how or 2. if this isn't possible and I needed a pop up if I can change the lines / shadowing, which I have managed a way around so it doesn't stand out on my layout.  I'd still prefer to use a drop down list but will work around it.

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                         BTW  MacOS does allow changing of the shadow box in "custom controls', but FMP does not gives us the option of custom controls.

                         What I will suggest will, for all practical purposes, prevents a USER from "saving or committing" data in a Drop_Down List assisted field.

                         I) In the  Manage | Database menu select this field and then do OPTIONS...

                         2) On the Validate Tab select Always and Un-Check   Allow user overide

                         3) Under Require section... Check Member of list and select your Value List

                         4) Check the validation message and Put a guidance message like... "You must select from List only!"   this overides FMP standard error message.

                         This will prevent Saving a value not in the LIst, but doesn't prevent the USER from Trying or Typing.

                         BTW, he will get "STUCK" if his doesn't enter at least one of the LIst.