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    drop down auto complete



      drop down auto complete


       How do I link other fields to a drop down list for auto complete??

      I want to be able to draw the customer up by number, select that number, and then have all the fields -- phone, address, city, state, etc. -- fill in automatically with that customer number selection.


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          How familiar are you with setting up value lists in FileMaker?

          Do you know how to use the specify field option to set up a value list where ID numbers are in field one and names or other data is displayed in field 2?

          Know the differences and limitations to drop down lists, pop up menus and "Show only values from second field" and "sort values using second field"?

          Those are the basics and if you are familiar with them, you'll know that you can't auto-complete on a value list where the ID number is selected as field 1.

          Do you know how to create scripts?

          That distressing limitation is why I came up with a scripted approach that does provide an auto-complete enabled drop down list of names, but uses a script to take that text to find and enter the ID number of the related record--with code to handle issues such as duplicate names. I uploaded a demo file that showcases that technique and then throws in a few search portals for comparison purposes:


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            I think that you have described exactly what I am looking for. I cannot, however, reach that website (our firewall). Is there another way you could share the information with me?



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              You have accessed a very old thread. I stopped using that site due to the scuzzy download links that misrepresented themselves and the fact that I was getting malware warnings from my antivirus software when I accessed that site.


              Try this link:


              Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection