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    Drop Down box behaviour



      Drop Down box behaviour




      I am building an HR application in Filemaker 12 and am having some difficulty with drop down boxes...

      I have a field called Current Post which needs to look up a list of Posts (table Posts with a Post ID field etc). I need the field to store the Post ID and display the Post Name. My lookup list is from the Post table and uses the two fields Post ID and Name.

      If i use a Pop Up menu this works perfectly, allowing the user to select a Post by name and stores the ID value. However if I use the Drop down type field while the drop down list shows the names, the field only displays the ID value.

      Clearly I can't use the Pop up menu option because there could be hundreds of Posts in the Post table - what am I doing wrong??




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          You are doing nothing wrong. The two options were designed to function the way that they do.

          If you have a relationship to Posts based on your current post field, you can add the Post Name field from the related table to your layout to display the name.

          Here are two ways to hide the id number if you don't want it visible when not accessing the drop down list:

          1. Use the arrow option with the drop down list format and resize this field to be no wider than the arrow. Put the Post Name field from Posts next to it so that it looks like a single field.
          2. Put a the Post Name field on top of the drop down list formatted field. Use field behavior settings to prohibit access to the name field when in browse mode and give it a non transparent fill color. When you click on the name field, the drop down list hidden behind it pops to the front and deploys. When you exit the field, it will disappear back behind the name field.
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            Hi Phil

            Thanks very much for the response - i've been agonising over this for a couple of weeks!!

            I consider myself to be an expert Access user (for about 17 years now) and I occasionally find Filemaker a bit weird still - but I really like the scaleabilty and portability of the apps - and have been a Mac convert for some years as well!