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Drop down box issue

Question asked by paulgower on Jun 29, 2011
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Drop down box issue


Hi , hopefully someone can help me with this i'm new to this program so have been learning it as i go... the problem i have is that i have my main file with a form on it and another with the data in it which comprises of about 40,000 records all in 1 field, all i want to do is create a drop down box on the form which opens up to show the data for selection. I have added the table with the data under relationships and created one with one the field i want for the drop down box. Under inspector the display data from is pointing to the data file, values from is selecting the value which is pointing to the data table all looks ok, however on my form it will not drop down and neither will it let me enter any data into it,  it does nothing , could anyone shed any light as to what i am missing , i'm sure i had this working yesterday !