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Drop Down Field Not Dynamic

Question asked by Vinny on Mar 12, 2011
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Drop Down Field Not Dynamic


I have a drop down field with a value list that relates to another table.  The relationships between tables are set up to link the data (I'm an old ms access user).  However, when I edit the child data (via different layout) and go back to the drop down that I made, the value in the drop down does reflect the updates.

I believe I have everything in the background set up correctly, because I can easily do this with a pop-up type field.  My conclusion so far is that I cannot get dynamic value lists with a drop down as I can with a pop up.

For example I have a table "accounts" and a table "customers".  accountid from "accounts" is related to "accountid_fk from "contacts". On my contacts layout, I have a drop down to allow the user to select the account which that contact is related to.  The drop down is set up with a value list called "accounts" which is set up with

[first field] accountid

[second field] account name. (showing only second field)

Now, I can select an accountname from this list, no problem.  BUT, I am having these two issues:

1) If I set the drop down's value list to have two fields, it will display the 2nd field in the drop down, but once a value is selected, it only shows the id (first field)

2) If I set up the drop down field to link to the 2nd field item (ignoring the id field), then it will not update when it's related record is changed (i.e. contact name changed).

In summary, I want to use a drop down list because I like the type ahead type of functionality.  BUT, I think I need to link the drop down list to the first field (id) and the 2nd field (name), while only showing the 2nd field as the selected value.

Any ideas to obtain this functionality would be appreciated.  As of right now, I'm stuck using pop -ups instead without the desired type ahead functionality.