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    Drop down hides the questions



      Drop down hides the questions


      I'm designing layouts to be used on ipads but the drop down lists always appear on the right hand side, hiding the question. Is it possible to make them appear on the left so they just hide the previous answers? Thanks

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          You don't have explicit control of this detail in FileMaker, but you might try setting up a selection control inside a popover where you do have more control over where it appears. This would not use a drop down list inside that popover panel, you'd have to set up a portal or something where each row of the portal shows a value and has been set up as a button such that tapping the button sets your original field to the value of the field shown in the portal row.

          For examples of portals used as a selection control--both inside and outside of popovers, see:

          Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection