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Drop Down Issue

Question asked by FilmUser on Jul 1, 2013
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Drop Down Issue



     I have a small database for managing of property data in an organization.

     Three of the tables are:

     Contacts (what data base can live without one?) (supplies info to other tables – will include members, vendors, anyone)

     Property (a record is an item of property) (pulls “owner” of the item from Contacts,)

     Projects (a record is created when something needs fixing, or something done to it, or an action taken) (pulls info from Property and Contacts)

     All data pulls are through relationships of Foreign to Primary Keys, with Drop Down Lists in the Foreign Key fields of the related tables. The value list is set up to show values from another field, from the donor table, which displays the primary key and field desired (in the value list setup, “also display values from second field”). The value list is sorted by this second field. These second fields populate in their respective fields in the receiving table.

     The issue:

     Some of the fields I am pulling into related tables have more than one duplicate value, differentiated by another field in that table (eg – several “desks”, differentiated in separate records by different “locations”, a separate field.)

     When viewing the Drop Down List, these “duplicate” field values show only one record, or Primary Key (the first one), as if FMP stops at the first one, even though there are more, with different Primary Keys, in the donor table.

     How can I get all of them to show in the Drop Down?