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    Drop down list



      Drop down list


      I'm using a name drop down list that fills data from a value list. When I have to type a name that requires me to type the entire name such as Tom it will not capitalize the name automatically even though that name is already capitalized on the value list. All other names that fill in after a few typed letters are capitalized. Any fix?  Thanks.


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          This should be fixable. How did you set up this value list?

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            In Inspector: Control Style: Drop Down List    Values from: First Name    Auto complete using value list     

            Value list: First Name    From Field    Field: "Inventory: First Name     Use values from field is checked

            In Fields:  Type: text     Options: Indexed, Required Value, Alow override      

            Validation window:  Validate data: only during entry is checked       Alow user to overide is checked       Not empty is checked

            Thanks, DJ


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              Probably the case that the name is not capitalized in at least one record where this field stores "Tom".

              Perform a find for this name on this field.

              Use Replace field contents to fill all records with this name with the capitalized form of the name.

              Check and see if that fixes the issue.

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                No, they're all capitalized. It happens whenever I need to type the entire name even thugh it's already in the list.

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                  An example: If Robert and Rob are both on the list (and capitalized) and I type Rob it will fill in Robert capitalized but when I stop at Rob and tab it leaves it uncapitalized.

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                    Yep, that's how it should work. When you type in "rob" you are entering a new value in the list and FileMaker takes that new value exactly as you entered it. When you allow auto-complete to fill in the rest of the name, it is replacing the text you entered with matching text included from another record and this substitutes the capitalized first letters for the letters you typed in.

                    You might try setting up an auto-enter calculation that subs an upper case letter for the lower case letter for just the first letter of the name. (Since names sometimes capitalize other letters, this is not a perfect fix here.)

                    Upper ( Left ( Self ; 1 ) ) & Right ( Self ; Length ( self ) - 1 )

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                      No, it's not a new value. Tom is already in there, capitalized but if I type Tom and hit tab it does not capitalize it. It's true for ANY name I type in- if it can autofill it's fine, if I type in the whole thing, no.

                      The end of your message is the calc?



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                        I think your calc worked. I'll try it and see. Thanks!