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           I have a drop down list with 2 filed vales First and last name, which I am trying to display in another field on a different file. I enabled the arrow and auto complete function and added the list to this field. When I click the arrow it shows a drop down of both first and last name but after I select a name the filed only displays the first name. Can someone tell me what's the problem here? Why am i not getting both the first and last name into the field?

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               The drop down list is doing exactly what you set it up to do. It's just not doing what you want it to do. wink

               When you define a value list with the use values from a field option and specify two fields to supply the values, only the value from the "first field" will be entered into the field you format to use this value list. The value in the second field is intended to help a user select the correct value (most often, the first field is an ID number and the second field is a name) and is not entered into the field once a value is selected.

               Do this instead: Define a text field in your table of names and define it to use an auto-enter calculation to combine the first and last names:

               Something similar to: LastName & ", " & First Name.

               Use that field in your value list instead of two fields, one for the first name and one for the second.

               Note: if you are selecting names with this value list in order to link the record on your layout to other records, usinig a name to do so is not the best design option. Using an auto-entered ID value for the link is better in almost all cases.

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                 To be honest, I wish I could just work with java and sql rather than this and it would be so much easier for me, but I need to use file maker pro. Yes I know this is not the best design (pretty bad actually) but I really don't care about it. Just want to get this database done. Thanks

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                        I really don't care about it. Just want to get this database done.

                   Then I'm glad that I don't have to use that database. Poor design produces poor results. Names are not unique and people change their names--which results in issues for your database best avoided by not linking records by the actual name.