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Drop down list - multiple selection

Question asked by PaulLawrence on Jul 7, 2011
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Drop down list - multiple selection


Thanks for reading! Perhaps there's a solution?

I have a database that connects a Property table with a People table.

There is a portal in the Property table showing the records from the People table.

I have a foreign key field in the Property table that links to the People table. I have a value list created for this field that shows the primary key of the People table along with a second field of People Names. (I hide the first field and shrink the field on screen so it only shows the dropdown arrow when not selected.)


When I access the drop down with the arrow, it correctly shows all the records from the People table, and I can select one and go on to the next field.

By adding the COMMAND key (Mac) to the selection, I can select multiple items in the value list (and they will all show in the portal after the record is committed.)

PROBLEM1: The only way I know of to maintain this multiple selection is to hit ENTER or RETURN (twice) after selecting multiple items. Clicking the mouse anywhere else seems to be the equivalent of an ESCAPE.

PROBLEM2: If re-entering this value list with MANY items already selected, it is VERY easy to destroy the selection by clicking anywhere.

Is there a better solution to relating this one-to-many (Properties with many People) relationship?

PROBLEM3: When the value list is dropped down there's a long bar on-screen placed before the actual list. Is this normal activity? Cosmetically is sucks. It seems to be the way FM moves the dropdown list away from the underlying onscreen portal data.