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Drop Down List Control

Question asked by LarryMadden on Mar 7, 2011
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Drop Down List Control


I have 2 questions but let me first briefly explain the database format:

The tables that will be used are:

Client, Ware#, & Contract

Contract is the main table that pulls info in from both Client & Ware. I have a control button in the Contract Form (browsing mode) that allows me to first enter new client info.  In in the client form I can enter either First & Last names or Business name with their relative information. Once this information is entered in I then go back to the main Contract form (I wish I knew more about portals).

To begin the contract, I select the ClientID (generated in the client form).  Here is my first question.  In the client drop down, I currently show the ClientID with the last name (to help select the correct id).  This works fine except for the businesses that have no names associated with the business.  All I see in the drop down list is the ClientID (the last name is blank).  How can I get the drop down list to display either a last name (if one is available) or the business name (if no last name is available)?

Question 2:

In a previous forum post I was helped to provide an empty warehouse report based on contract information (contracts for various warehouse units).  In the Contract Form, I have a drop down (based on Ware# table) that gives me all the mini warehouse numbers.  After I select the ClientID, i then select the Ware#.  Here is my question:

I would like the the Ware# drop down list to only show available (warehouses not currently rented) warehouses.  This protects from writing multiple contracts on the same warehouse.  It also simplifies the contract process.  Is there a way to write code similar to the code written for the Empty Warehouse Report?

Thanks in advance.