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Drop down list from a field sorted descending

Question asked by FilmUser on Jun 27, 2014
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Drop down list from a field sorted descending


     I have a field in a Projects data base with the Project Number (type text, as the number has a "PS" before the actual number digits). If it matters, this field is used as a match field in a relationship with another table to pull looked up data into the Projects table upon entering the Project Number.

     The drop down for this field is "from a field", it's own set of values. It's a long list, and the users would like the list to sort descending, to show most current first.

     I can't see where I have that choice in the sorting command within the value list set up. I have tried setting up a self relationship to the field, relationship sorted descending (on both sides and on the right side only and on the left side only) and use the relationship to assign the fields in the value list set up, where I can't seem to turn off the sorting option (there is a second field displaying on the right side in the value list setup). I even tried the resorting options in the value list setup, "default", which doesn't work either.

     All of these trials result in a value list which is sorted ascending.

     Is there a way?