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Drop down list implementation ?

Question asked by williagw on May 16, 2011
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Drop down list implementation ?


I implemented a FILO queue of dates using a field with 10 repetitions, dateQueue[10]. I want to display it as a drop down list. I have only found one way to do this (So So Method below) but I do not like this method because I would have to keep the up-dates of two layouts synchronized. The Valuelist method I tried, I can not get to work as I want it to because it takes values from all records of the specified field, not just the values from the current record. Does anyone have another ideas?

So So Method -  Two identical layouts except for the display of the dateQueue field. On one layout display only dateQueue[1] and on the other layout display dateQueue[1-10]. Using a button to toggle between the two layouts gives you the illusion of a drop down menu.

Valuelist Method - The dateQueue[10] field in each record contains unique dates. When it is linked to a valuelist, the drop down list contains an ordered list of all the unique values from field dateQueue from all records. I do not want the values from all records, and I do not want the list to be reordered by value. I only want the values from dateQueue[1-10] of the current record in the order originally entered.