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    Drop down list implementation ?



      Drop down list implementation ?


      I implemented a FILO queue of dates using a field with 10 repetitions, dateQueue[10]. I want to display it as a drop down list. I have only found one way to do this (So So Method below) but I do not like this method because I would have to keep the up-dates of two layouts synchronized. The Valuelist method I tried, I can not get to work as I want it to because it takes values from all records of the specified field, not just the values from the current record. Does anyone have another ideas?

      So So Method -  Two identical layouts except for the display of the dateQueue field. On one layout display only dateQueue[1] and on the other layout display dateQueue[1-10]. Using a button to toggle between the two layouts gives you the illusion of a drop down menu.

      Valuelist Method - The dateQueue[10] field in each record contains unique dates. When it is linked to a valuelist, the drop down list contains an ordered list of all the unique values from field dateQueue from all records. I do not want the values from all records, and I do not want the list to be reordered by value. I only want the values from dateQueue[1-10] of the current record in the order originally entered.

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          A related table of individual date records would be much easier to work with and it's pretty simple to convert your repeating field data into such a related table.

          Then a conditional value list can produce your drop down list of dates, but only lists the dates from related records linked to the current record on your layout.

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            PhilModjunk, Thanks for the response.

            I will have to do some studying to figure out how to implement your suggestion. At this point, I do not know what a "conditional value list" is, nor could I find it in the FM 10 users guid.

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              PhilModjunk, Thanks for the responses.

              I was able to implement the conditional value list.

              The conditional value list does enable me to display the dates I want, but there are goals I have that this method did not meet. First, I can not block/protect the "date field" from being changed via mouse/keyboard actions. I want this field modifiable only via script actions. Second the list of dates is reordered in ascending order. I want the dates displayed in descending order. But this method does meet many of my goals. I am using the drop down list to display a history of dates from this field, not a source of inputs for the field.

              If only I could find a script step or two that would allow me to rearrange fields dynamically within a layout so could move an object to the back and bring an object to the front, or hide and unhide the object. Then I could satisfy all of my goals using the FIFO queue.

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                I think a portal of related records would better meet all the goals you state here except that it won't "drop down" as it will be a small scrolling window that lists your dates--and now you are not restricted to the ascending order that you are forced into with a value list.

                I wouldn't use a drop down list for displaying data as it really isn't designed for that purpose. I could, however, set it up on a field that isn't used to store any data and that includes an auto-enter calculation that clears the field when you exit, but that still seems a weird way to do this and doesn't resolve the sorting order limitation.

                If you really want it to pop up, you can set up your related table, but set up an object on your layout with a tool tip that uses a list calculation to list the dates from the related table. When you roll the mouse over the layout object, the list pops up and it disappears when you roll away.

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. I like the tooltip idea, at first try it seems to do everything I wanted.