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    Drop down list not working



      Drop down list not working


      I have run into a couple of probs where things are not working as I think they should (which could be quite different to working as they should of course if I have misunderstood something)
      I have a db set up called "Contact Management". I used the solution of the same name included in the package as a basis but have modified it somewhat.
      I have separated the contact info into an "individual contacts" list and a "Company information" list since we tend to do work for different companies more than individuals, and may do work for several individuals in a company over time, but always need to relate it back to the company. 
      When a contact is entered into the indiv contact list, I have a field for "Company" which I have defined as a drop-down list which takes the values from the "Company information" list, field: "Company", with an arrow to click on to drop the list down, so that one should be able to pick a company name out of the Company list.
      But neither the arrow nor the list of companies shows when I click on that field in enter mode.
      Also, in the Company Info file, I have defined a tab page with a portal to the Individual info. It is showing nothing right now and I am pretty sure this is because I have not defined the relationship properly. I also need to make sure that only those individuals who are associated with the company showing will show in the portal, and I am not quite sure how to do that. 
      Any ideas?

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          Hi Tessf


          I'm pretty sure that there are 2 fields, one over the other, in that layout...


          The first showing the ID and the second showing the name.


          Isn't it ?

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            Company Table can have multiple Contacts.

            CompanyID would be necessary.

            Contacts Table can have only one Company

            It should have a CompanyID field linked to Company:CompanyID for the relationship. 

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              Hi Daniele,


              There are not at the moment, two fields. Should there be? I do have Company ID linking the tables in the relationships setup. Do I need to include the ID in the layout?




              (And don't apologise for your English - it is perfect. Wait till you see my French.....) 

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                Hi davidanders,


                Thanks for replying (an Daniele too) 


                That is how I have it set up. I have a Company ID which is a unique value generated at the entry of the Company name and details record in the Company Info table. The Company Info table and the Contact info table are connected via this ID. 


                However, when I enter the Contact Info, I would like to be able to choose a company name from the Company info table through a pull-down list, which would then bring along the company ID and insert it in the relevant field in the contact id record. But the pulldown list is not appearing at all. I now have the arrow appearing thanks to some info from my local supplier, but nothing actually happens when you click on it.


                So I am stymied.



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                  Thank you for your post.


                  It sounds like you have the one field set up properly.  However, if the arrow isn't showing on the field, are you sure you formatted it properly?


                  Pull down the View menu and select "Layout Mode".  Click on the Company ID field so that there are four anchors on the field.


                  Pull down the Format menu and select "Field/Control -> Setup..."


                  Under Control Style, make sure you have Display as: set to "Drop-down List", and make sure you have Display values from: set to the proper value list.  Click OK and return to Browse Mode.


                  Does the arrow appear now with your Company names?



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                    Hi TSGal,


                    Thanks for the reply.


                    I did all that, and I did have it all set up as you said. I have the Display Values set at "Company Employing". Under Manage Value Lists I have defined "Company Employing" as the field in "Company Contact Info" that contains the company names. However, although the arrow is now there (since the local rep suggested that I define the borders, at least the right-hand border), it is not showing me the list to choose from. The whole thing stays obstinately blank when I click on it. I think it just has it in for me actually ;^)



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                      Ok, I solved it! At last! 


                      I had defined the field as displaying the field from the Company Contact Info, and then wanted it to choose from a drop-down specified by the same table, (imagine embarrassed smiley here (there aren't any to choose from the drop-down list...)...) instead of asking it to display the field from the indiv contacts, as chosen from a drop-down list from company contacts.


                      Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!