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Drop down list not working

Question asked by Tessf on Dec 8, 2008
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Drop down list not working


I have run into a couple of probs where things are not working as I think they should (which could be quite different to working as they should of course if I have misunderstood something)
I have a db set up called "Contact Management". I used the solution of the same name included in the package as a basis but have modified it somewhat.
I have separated the contact info into an "individual contacts" list and a "Company information" list since we tend to do work for different companies more than individuals, and may do work for several individuals in a company over time, but always need to relate it back to the company. 
When a contact is entered into the indiv contact list, I have a field for "Company" which I have defined as a drop-down list which takes the values from the "Company information" list, field: "Company", with an arrow to click on to drop the list down, so that one should be able to pick a company name out of the Company list.
But neither the arrow nor the list of companies shows when I click on that field in enter mode.
Also, in the Company Info file, I have defined a tab page with a portal to the Individual info. It is showing nothing right now and I am pretty sure this is because I have not defined the relationship properly. I also need to make sure that only those individuals who are associated with the company showing will show in the portal, and I am not quite sure how to do that. 
Any ideas?