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Drop Down List of Blank fields from a List view.

Question asked by janslort on Jun 24, 2013
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Drop Down List of Blank fields from a List view.


     I'm using FM11Advanced on a PC running Windows 7.

     I have a list of invoices which I have sorted by customer name and invoice numbers.  I want to use it as a list to apply payments from the customers.  There is a field for Amount, and a field for Date.  I must allow for a possibility that a customer will make more than one partial payment for an anvoice.  Rather than show each of (4) possible fields as Pay1, Pay2, Etc., either vertically, or horizontally, it would be much more efficient if a drop-down would appear from "payments" with the payment amount fields and Payment Date fields from "Dates" when a payment is only a partial one.  I can setup the fields as a (4) repeating field, or as Pay1, Pay2, ect. with a (Summary) of all four being deducted from the invoice balance.

     Any Ideas anybody?