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Drop Down List out of order

Question asked by RobRhodes on Feb 3, 2014
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Drop Down List out of order



     I'm working with a database that has a field called "Lens Label" which is a drop down list

     Where Lens Label is a calculated value:

     = Focal Length & " SN#:" & Serial Number

     Focal Length and Serial Number are manually entered text

     Example: 17mm 25mm 100mm.


     Everything is good there, except the drop-down list is out of order, or at least out of an order that I would like.


     Instead of arranging them in increasing value, it arranges it alphabetically.


     So it would be

     17mm SN:####

     100mm SN:###

     25mm SN:###


     Normally, this wouldn't be a huge issue, but it can become confusing when working in the field. I don't really want to add a zero to the Focal Length because the data becomes convoluted.


     Is there a simple fix here that I'm missing?