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Drop down list populated from a chosen set of check boxes

Question asked by trend7 on Dec 10, 2009
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Drop down list populated from a chosen set of check boxes


Hello all,


Good day. I am currently trying to set up a database for my own small business using the Filemaker Pro 10 trial version. If all works well, I will purchase the full-working copy. However, I am facing one problem. Please bear with me if it is a very simple question. I am just a newbie in database design.


My business sells, for example, mainly apparels such as jackets, trousers, shirts, suits etc. However, I have different brands of jackets, trousers, shirts, suits etc. For instance:


Brand A: provides jackets, trousers, shirts

Brand B: provides trousers, shirts, suits

Brand C: provides trousers only


What I have done is to create a Table Occurence of products (i.e., for jackets, trousers, shirts, suits) and another Table Occurence of brands (i.e., for Brand A, B and C). Then I have a Layout for me to key in the Products with ID_Product as the key field. I also have another Layout for me to key in the Brands. However, in this Layout I included a check box set of the Products. For example, after I have keyed in the "Brand A" name, I will select from the same Layout by checking the check box the products (jackets, trousers, shirts, suits) this Brand is related to. 


All is fine until I created a third Layout of Invoice. In this Invoice layout, I need to have two drop-down lists. The first drop-down list will allow me to select the Products, which is either the jackets, trousers, shirts, or suits. And the second drop-down list will allow me to select the Brand associated to the Products I have chosen in the first drop-down list.


I simply can't seem to get it work. Although I have read through some websites about conditional drop-down list, but still it doesn't work and I do not know how will those check boxes affect my second drop-down list.


Or sometimes I will see the error "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable." 


Thank you very much and I hope to hear from your advice soon.