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Drop Down List Problem

Question asked by jasongan on Sep 23, 2013
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Drop Down List Problem


     Hi Forum,

     I need your advice on how to show the drop-down list based on a condition.

     I have a rate card table, which contains a field category. The category is A customer, B customer and common. common means the rate card is used for both. 

     Now I have Order table which has "order type" field to tell the order comes from A customer or B customer. Whenever I create a new order, I ask the CSR to enter the order type: A customer or B customer.

     In the order line item, I have an e-code which is a drop-down list to show the e-code list for CSR to select. If the order is for A customer, I need the drop down list to show A customer rate cards' e-codes AND "common" rate cards' e-codes;

     if the order if for B customer, I need to see when I click on the e-code, I want to see the drop-down list to show B's rate cards' e-codes AND "common" e-codes.

     BEFORE I had "common" e-codes, I only had "A"customers and "B" customers' rate cards. I have a relationship "ratecards-order " based on rate cards::category = Order::order type. So I define the e-code in the order line item to show a drop-down list which  is from a field, show from "rate card" but only related values starting from Order.

     But after I introduced "common" e-codes, I don't see the "common" values listed when I click on the e-code in order line items.

     How do include those "common" rate cards listed, so the CSR is able to select for entry?


     Thank you very much,