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    Drop Down List Problem



      Drop Down List Problem


      I am having a problem with drop down lists displaying the foreign key and the value from the drop down list [employee_list::emp_id; employee::employee]. I aligned both fields and on layout both fields display on top of each other. I appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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          You mention two table occurrences: employee_list and employee. How are they related? On which is your layout based or is it based on yet another table occurrence?

          What exact options did you specify in Manage | Value lists when you set this up?

          Are you then trying to hide the drop down list behind a name field from the related table that serves as the source of values for your value list?

          This can be done, but I'm not sure that it is what you are trying to do here.

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            I have attached screen shots of the tables and relationship and options for Manage | Value Lists. I would like to hide the drop down list behind the employee name.

            Thanks for comments & suggestions.

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              I will post other screen shots later this evening or tomorrow morning.




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                For a drop down list, this will display the employee name (employee names must be unique or the duplicate name and its associated ID will be omitted.) in the value list, but enter the ID when you select from the value list. After you exit the field, you will see the ID and not the name. If you use the popup menu option, you will still see the employee name after exiting the field.

                If you want to use a Drop Down list option, you can put the Employee name from a related Employee record on your layout on top of the drop down list field if:

                1) the field's fill color is not see through

                2) you use Behavior settings in the Inspector's data tab to deny at least Browse mode access.

                Then you can click on the visible name field and the drop down list field will pop to the front and deploy. After selecting an employee, the drop down list disappears back behind the name field and the name field updates to show the name.

                Note that there is another approach that can use an autocomplete enabled list of names to look up the Employee ID for a given record. A script performed via script trigger handles situations when a name that matches to no ID or a Name that is not unique is entered into the field.