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Drop down list to create new record

Question asked by james88 on Aug 31, 2009
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Drop down list to create new record


I'm new to Filemaker and databases in general so I wouldbe really grateful for help with this problem.


I've set up a number of tables one of which is called Job and one called Client, it's a many to one relationship - each Job can have only one Client and each Client can have several Jobs. ClientID is a foreign key in the Jobs table.


I'm working on a layout to create new job records and I what I'd liketo do is to display the client names (from the Client table) in a drop down list from which you can select an existing client OR enter a new client name which creates a new client record in the Client table and places the ClientID into the ClientID field in the Jobs table.


In the entity relationship between the Jobs and Client table I have ticked on create new records in the Client table.  But the ClientID keeps changing, increasing by increments of 1.


Any pointers please to get me moving in the right direction, thanks so much.