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    Drop Down List vs Pop up Menu



      Drop Down List vs Pop up Menu


      I'm sure there's a simple reason for this, but when I pick a drop down menu and say to use the values from field  (the PK to store), but only show the values for field 2 (the text), it works as expected.

      However, if I change the control to a drop down list using the same settings, I always see the PK value (the number) instead of the text (field 2) as defined and expected.

      Is there a trick to using a drop down list so I can display the text (field 2), but actually store the PK value (field1) as I'm doing successfully with the pop-up menu?


      - m

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          There are several ways.  One is to add a text field for field 2 (the text) to your layout and uncheck the inspector box that allows Field Entry in Browse mode.  Overlay this field on top of the ID field (drop down).  When the user clicks on the text field, the underlying drop-down menu will open. 

          A second way is to reduce the size of the ID field (drop-down) to show only the drop-down menu arrow indicator (selected in the inspector box).  Place the ID field beside the text field for field 2 (the text).  The drop-down menu will only display when the user clicks the drop-down menu arrow indicator.

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            Thanks for your reply. I wasn't thinking about workarounds at the moment, rather just trying to make sure there is not a built-in way that this would work like the pop-up menu. I was surprised it didn't when I switched the display type, but I'm sure there's a good reason somewhere (just don't try to find it in the FMP "help"...).

            I'll keep your excellent workaround ideas in mind for the future.

            Thanks very much for your reply. :)

            - m

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              In FileMaker 13, it's also possible to hide the ID number even when editing a drop down list formatted field to select a value previously selected by using the new "hide object when" feature.

              A working example of this can be found as a "supplementary topic" in "Adventures In FileMaker #2 - Enhanced Value Selection".

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                Thanks Phil!

                - m