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Drop down list with numbers - entering identical 2 digits

Question asked by brunodps on Jun 22, 2013
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Drop down list with numbers - entering identical 2 digits


     Hi everyone,

     I have a strange problem. Hope someone can help me.

     I have a table with an auto number field. There are currently 1715 records in this table with the first record having ID 1 and the last one ID 1715.

     On my lay-out, I have a drop down list which contains a value list with all ID's. The drop down list only contains the ID field itself. The user can use this drop down list to quickly navigate to a record by entering the ID of the desired record. No problems so far.

     The problem occurs when the user wants to enter an ID which begins with two identical digits (eg: 33 or 554). For some reason, the second digit is not accepted/seen and thus only the first digit is used. So in the above example record with ID 3 or 5 is found/selected. If the double digits are used at the end (eg: 533), there is no problem at all.

     Any ideas ? I would really appreciate any help because I'm supposed to deliver this database within 2 days and can't find any solution myself.

     Here are some technical details about my drop down list:

  •           Table contains ID field and global "search" field (in which the user's input is stored)
  •           ID and "search" field are both a number field
  •           Value list only holds one field, the ID field (no other fields are currently needed)
  •           script "OnObjectModify" selected to navigate after user selection
  •           Property "Include arrow to show and hide list" of drop down list is set to false