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    Drop down lists



      Drop down lists


      I have a drop down list from a customer table.  The specify field values list the customer id for the first field and the business name for the second field.  Showing values only from the second field.  However, some of my customers don't have a business name they are listed by full name.  Is there any way I can force the drop down to show the full name if there isn't a a business name?  It would be great if they had a third field choice.

      Also, is there any way to change the highlight color of the drop down lists?  It is currenlty grey and I'd prefer a different color.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          What I can suggest is to create a calculation field with:

          if (business name = “”; full name ; business name)

          then you can use this field as second filed in the drop down list displaying business name if exist otherwise the full name

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            Given how this value list hides the first column, I'd take a few precautions here.

            Make it a text field with an auto-entered calculation such as has already been suggested here. Then set a validation rule to enforce unique values on this text field.

            When you hide the first column, duplicate names in the second column will be omitted, so this validation rule will catch cases where the business name or personal name matches a name already auto-entered into this text field and warns you accordingly.