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Drop Down Lists - Want to Show Scripted Name

Question asked by LoyleneRuppert on Sep 11, 2013
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Drop Down Lists - Want to Show Scripted Name & Drop Down Lists that populate more than once in a Form


     1)  I am building a database and have spent hours trying to figure out how to do these things.  Goodness!!!  First, I have successfully written a script to show names not as separate fields, but as a name (see attached).  The alpha 4 is the unique key id for the name.  So the Employee ID is "LOVE" and the fields associated with that in the Employee Table are NameL, NameF, NameSuffix (medical personnel always have letters after their name).  This is working great for both the employees and physicians.  I would like to remove the alpha 4 field and just have the drop down be a list of names.  I have found how to do this, except it doesn't work when there is a script generating the full name (Amie Loveday, MSN).  I would like the drop down (LOVE) to just show all the employees in alpha order by last name (which the fields are separated into.

     2)  I need to call up more names of people from the Employee table later in the form.  For instance, Circulator of Record would be an employee from the employee table.  This person would not necessarily be the same employee as indicated in the OR Re'd Employee field.  I can't seem to get this to work.  Do I need to use a portal?

     3)  I need to add a field that indicates who reconstituted the tissue.  This could be someone from the employee list or a physician, so the drop down needs to list both clinical staff and physicians.  So it would access the employee table and the physician table.  I can make a value list that grabs information from both but how do I show it on the form in as "EmpNameF EmpNameL, EmpNameSuffix" OR "PhysNameF PhysNameF, PhysicianSuffix?

     Attaching shot of main form and shot of relationships table.