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Drop Down Lists that filter

Question asked by ConorEgan-Wylie on Jul 9, 2012
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Drop Down Lists that filter



I have searched many times on this and soem unofficial forums but havent found anything that suits. Hopefully someone smarter than I am can help.

I am trying to creat a layout for inputing stock. I am working with Garments. This means there are a few different designs, then below that a few different colours then bolow that the sizes related to the colours. I have a primary key for each Garment design and then a primary key for the colour/size (i have called coloursizeid) When inputing stock deliveries there may be multiple designs, colours and sizes in one delivery. I have a layout that has a lot/delivery number, a Date and then a description (should this be needed) int he layout there is a portal so the incoming stock data can be simply listed then a script run to put this info into the inventory.

I have 2 things I want to happen - 

1. the drop down lists to Filter based on the provious fields data.

Design ID | Colour | Size

This means if I select the design ID it then filters the Colours to be relevant to that design, then when I select the colour the Sizes are filtered to match the available sizes for that Design and colour. 


2. The coloursizeID field to auto lookup based on this value. at present I have a script that enteres find mode sets the fields fidn the garment and puts the coloursizeid in but I feel this is a long way round.


If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it as I'm at a loss at the moment.


Thanks in advance