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Drop down lookups [like Access?]

Question asked by MikeF on Oct 11, 2011
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Drop down lookups [like Access?]


I’m new FM user, switching from Access.

Am testing lookups with two tables:

tblCities has 3 fields: CityID [number], City [text], StateID [number].

tblStates has 2 fields: StateID [number], State [text].

Exported these from Access into Excel, then imported them into FM Pro 11 Advanced.

A relationship exists between StateID in the two tables.

The objective seems simple…

I merely would like to have a drop-down in tblCities:StateID that looks up to tblStates:StateID.

What I would like to *see* in tblCities:StateID is the actual text [ie AL for Alabama, etc], but the number itself is what would actually be in the record.

This is easily accomplished in Access [indeed standard practice], but I have managed to implement some rather bizarre and frustrating events by attempting it in FM.

Please can anyone provide the necessary steps to make this happen.

** Perhaps I’m approaching it incorrectly, and FM will not work exactly like Access …??

Thank you,



PS -- Glad to forward the file if you like.