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Drop down menus ability to autopopulate other fields?

Question asked by Jensen on Jul 22, 2009
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Drop down menus ability to autopopulate other fields?


How can I create a drop down field that has a relationship with another drop down field?  What I mean by this is when I chose one item from a drop down value list it will automatically populate another field.


I am creating a database for a museum collection and the names of objects are classified in a certain fashion.  So when I go to the drop down field and choose "Negative, Film", I would like the second field to autopopulate based on this choice with, "Communication Artifacts - Documentary Artifact".     


Also for these down down fields, I have noticed that the fields themselves are assigned with what seems an ID number that is quietly found on the right of the field.  When you create a value it automoatically assigns it its own number (something like N19019).  How do I turn this feature on?


Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks so much.