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Drop Down Portal Filtering

Question asked by IT_User on Jan 3, 2014
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Drop Down Portal Filtering


     I have been trying something like the 3rd solution listed here:

How to control  filter portal with drop down box

     But my calculation isn't exactly working correctly.  It works on empty values and when I pick the first category.  When I pick the subcategory it doesn't do anything until I delete whatever is in the first category.

     In other words, when nothing is inputted all items show, when the first category is inputted the the list filters correctly.  When the subcategory is inputted after that, the list does not filter anymore.  If I delete what is in the first category, but leave the subcategory the same, then it filters correctly.

     Here is my calculation I am using for the portal filtering:

     Case (
       IsEmpty ( INVENTORY::globalCat ) and IsEmpty ( INVENTORY::globalCatSub ) ;
           1 ;
          ( ( INVENTORY::globalCat = inventory_PRODUCT_search::category )
          and ( not IsEmpty ( INVENTORY::globalCat ) ) ) ;
           2 ;
          ( ( INVENTORY::globalCatSub = inventory_PRODUCT_search::catSub )
            and ( not IsEmpty ( INVENTORY::globalCatSub ) ) ) ;
     ; 0 )

     Inventory is the layout table, and Product is the portal table

     I've been trying to figure this out for a while, and can't seem to go at it anymore myself.  Any help is appreciated. Thank you!