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    Drop Down Relation / Portal Filtering



      Drop Down Relation / Portal Filtering


      I have two portal, one is a list of child records related to its parent. The other is a list of all child products.  I am trying to filter these two portals with a global drop down menu and is partially working. The problem I am encountering is the implementation of adding items into the drop down that don't mean anything to the records, such as "Show All" and "Complete ##". I think viewing of my file might make more sense.



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          Take a look at:

          "Adventures in Filemaking #2 - enhanced value selection"

          There's a section there on adding "action items" to a "use values from field" value list with a script that detects and responds to the selection of an "action item" such as "show all".

          If you are having trouble with getting that script to make the needed changes to what is shown in your portal, you'll need to describe your tables/relationships and explain how you want this filtering to work. (And yes we can then look at your file, but if you provide a few bread crumbs such as the name of the layout where you have set this up, we'll know that we won't need to spend a lot of time looking at your database and trying to figure out which one shows the issue that's the subject of your post.)