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drop down trigger trouble

Question asked by user12488 on Jul 8, 2010
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drop down trigger trouble


I have a form with a drop-down field ("shipping")(w 3 options now contained) to which have set an OnObjectModify trigger script. The form only contains two fields (both with field behavior 'browse mode' checked), except has related portal into which I can go to add/delete records). Both parent fields defined to perform as drop-downs.

When I update the "shipping" field the 2nd field automatically becomes active (its corresponding drop-down appearing), but the trigger script is never called. The 2nd field becomes active with or without presence of triggers. Why? More impt, what am I missing here? How can I cause trigger to fire after update chaining set of responses?

I need the first field's update result to instruct a value for a ship cost field, then calc sales tax and total cost.

I've experienced triggers working before, and was thrilled when they became available in FM! Need to figure why trigger isn't firing and what to do to remedy