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Drop Down Type Ahead WITH Foreign Key / ID Field

Question asked by Vinny on Apr 27, 2011
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Drop Down Type Ahead WITH Foreign Key / ID Field


I'm trying to develop a drop down with type ahead to go in a portal row.  There will be far too many items (in this case part numbers) in the drop down to force the user to select.  Thus the type ahead feature will probably work best.

However, my table / relationship structure is setup such that each portal row / table item is linked to a part via a foreign key (ID field) and NOT the part number of the part.

I realize that many people are forced to leave the drop down to be the value of the ID field, and include a text box next to it with the part number (i.e. show only values from second field), but I really want to find a work around.

I could make the drop down list values set to the part number but I would somehow have to lookup the id field for the foreign key so I can relate the records.

In access for example, you would have a drop down that has two columns but you are only showing one of them.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.