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    Drop Down Value creates specific text response?



      Drop Down Value creates specific text response?



      We are trying to program the following:

      If I select a value in a drop down list, I want it to populate a field with a specific text statement

      i.e. Drop down menu choice = Cookie

      Choice will populate a specific field with= Chocolate Chip


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          Set up a related table, Choices, with at least two fields:

          Choice, TextResponse

          Relate your existing table to it: (Use your table and field names here)

          YourTable::Choice = Choices::Choice

          Using this relationship you can then set up either a dynamic or static link that displays the text in Choices::TextResponse for the value slected in YourTable::Choice. YourTable::Choice can be formatted with a value list of values drawn from Choices::Choice. (And Choices::TextResponse can be displayed in a second column of this value list if you want.)

          For more on dynamic links vs. static lookups, see this thread:  Auto Fill

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            We are beginners and are confused by your response. 

            So far, we have set up two tables: 

            1st table: Contains choices with drop down menu (i.e Cookie Type: Selection is Oatmeal) 

            2nd table: Contains Text response (i.e. Recipe: Dough + Oatmeal )

            We have a text field with a calculation linked to it to generate a letter. We want the Text response ( Dough + Oatmeal) to populate this letter field when the option Drop down menu displays the choice "Oatmeal" 


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              The link gives you two approaches for this. Which is correct depends on whether you want changes to data in the 2nd table to automatically show in the records you have created in the 1st table or not.

              If you want updates in Table 2 to automatically appear in Table 1, you should use a dynamic approach. If you do not want the information in table 1 to change when you update a record in table 2, the static approach would be used.

              First, Table 2, needs two field, CookieType and Recipe. Your last post describes defining only one field in this table and that won't work. You need the CookieType field defined in both tables so that you can match a record in table 1 to a specific record in table 2.

              With CookieType defined in both tables, go to Manage | Database | Relationships and drag from CookieType in one table to CookieType in the other to define your relationship. This will give you:

              Table 1:CookieType = Table 2::CookieType

              as your relationship.

              What you do from there depends on which type of linkage you need for your "recipe" text.

              Example: If you change your oatmeal cookie recipe to Dough + Oatmeal + raisens, do you want the existing records in Table 1 to show this update automatically or to still show the original recipe Dough + Oatmeal + Raisens?

              If that isn't enough to get you going, please let me know which method you need and I'll respond in greater detail.