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Drop Down Value List

Question asked by miw on May 31, 2012
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Drop Down Value List


I am using FM 12 and want to take advantage of the "hover" formatting.   When I used FM 11, I created a faux "button" that always contained the word "Admin"; it's behavior was not active in browse or find modes.  Behind this faux button, I had a global field with a pop-up menu which had a selection of "Name", "School" or "City"; I had it formatted such that other than making the selection off the list, the pop-up result was invisible on the layout.  I created this such that in the layout, the word "Admin" was always visible and if the user clicked on it the user ended up clicking the pop-up menu behind it to make a selection from the three choices to go to a specific window (ie I did not want the pop-up list selection to show in the layout, but always the word "Admin").  I want to do the same thing in FM 12, but I find "hover" only works for fields in which browsing or find is enabled and not the "faux" button I had created.  So my first question is, is there a workaround to get a field in which browsing or find is disabled to show a "hover" format?

I tried this alternative: I created a database just for the three admin list items:  Field1 contained the text "Admin" for all three records and Field2 contained the text "Name", "School" or "City" to create the three records.  I then created a pop-up field (since it was enabled for browse mode, "hover" formatting was possible) to reference a value list based off Field1 and Field2, showing only the text in Field2.  Of course, the result was always the text in Field1 which I made "Admin" becasue that is what I want to always be shown on the layout - but that doesn't help me define a result that allows me to navigate to the window I want to get to based on the selection from Field2 (ie. if the user selected "City" in the pop-up menu, I want to write script using that selection to navigate to a certain window).  Is there a function (maybe a get function) that will allow me to identify which row (1,2 or 3) of the list was selected?  That way I could write a script based on the row selected in the pop-up menu rather than the result which is always "Admin".