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Drop down value list beeps, then finds.

Question asked by rcarbaugh on Mar 2, 2011
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Drop down value list beeps, then finds.


Having been a FMP user since v.3.5 was out, I just upgraded to v.11 after using v.7 for years.  One of the many applications I use this for is contribution data for my church, where one table has address info, and the other table has contribution data – classically simple one to many relationship.

In the contribution entry mode, the first field is DonorNum.  The drop down value list uses two fields, the first being the donor's number, and the second one being a "last & first & addr" calculation (LFA).  The LFA list is alphabetical and for years, all one had to do was type the first letters of the name then scroll through the many "Torres..." to find the correct one.  Of course, if you are fast enough to type "TorresMargie," you will get the exact person who follows "TorresMarcus."  You get the idea.  Ultimately, upon selection, the donor's number is entered into the box, and the other fields on the layout are populated.

Problem:  With FMP 11, when I type the first "T," my mac beeps.  Apparently, it does not load the entire list (2500 names), and cannot find the "T's."  I can type "A," and it selects it immediately.  The only way around this, which seems archaic, is to type random letters in the alphabet to get me closer to the letter that I need.  So, I type A, then G, then L, then T, pausing a moment in between, and it works flawlessly.  Or, if I manually scroll to the "area" of the correct letter, it goes right away.

This is progress?  This has worked for all of the versions that I have had previously perfectly.  Is there a setting where I can tell it to load the whole list?

Thank you in advance for your help/thoughts in this matter.


Mac Power Mac G5 PPC OS 10.5.8, 3.5 GB