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Drop Down Value List using Calculated Field

Question asked by Terri on Sep 20, 2012
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Drop Down Value List using Calculated Field


     Two fields:

     Category = 3 (example)
     Category Description = Women's Accessories
     I created a calculated field that combines these two to be 3 - Women's Accessories
     I want to create a drop-down menu using this field as the value list but users can't select anything because it is a calculated field. How do I avoid this? I thought about a merge field, but that isn't really a field.
     Once that part is fixed I need the user to be able to select something from that drop-down list and then a script will run to find those records on a particular layout. Is that just a set-field within in the script?
     Sorry, I'm sure the answer is on the forum somewhere but I am up against a tight deadline.