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Drop Down's Not Showing Value Lists Items Selected

Question asked by KAmsinger on Nov 11, 2011
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Drop Down's Not Showing Value Lists Items Selected


Hi All,

I have created a quesitonnaire in my database and then used the FMS Php Site Assistance to create a webpage online so people can fill out the quesitonnaire and the information is submitted into a record on my database.

2 of the questions on the questionnaire are answered by selecting drop downs.

In each drop down are full sentences for each item you can select.

For example: 1st item in drop down is "Jack and Jill ran up the hill."

2nd line item "Little bo peep lost her sheep." and so on.

in the quesitonnaire you see the full sentences and when you select the option you want in the drop down it shows the full sentence you selected. However, after a person submits the questionnaire and you go into my database and view their record only the 1st word of the sentence is showing in the field, for example "Jack" or "Little".

But then in another drop down I have 1 line item is "$250,000-$500,000" (with no spaces) and other other option in the same drop down is "Over $1 Million".

If you select the first option "$250,000-$500,000" you see the entire line chosen in my database. But again if you select "Over $1 Million", it seems that because that option has spaces between each word, you only see the first word of the that option they selected. 

If anyone can help with this that would be great!