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Drop outs and data lose FMpro11 and FMgo

Question asked by ScottC_1 on Sep 17, 2014
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Drop outs and data lose FMpro11 and FMgo


I have some small yet painful issues with our database that I’m hoping someone can help. I have had a search on the filemaker forums with no luck.

I am running filemaker pro 11 v11.0v3 with 8 ipads running FMgo v11.0.2. We use the filemaker network to remotely create and alter reports, upload pictures to our office PC as well as access existing data.

  • Due to our black spots with our mobile network we are having drop out issues. Does Filemaker 11 or upwards. Have a “force save” function so the data can be sent (from our ipads) on request as well as automatically.
  • Another issue we encounter when we have a dropout the user cannot edit the record he is working on. When the user logs straight back in. the error message says that “(USER) is modifying this record until (USER) is finished.” We need to over write this. So our contractors don’t have to wait for it to timeout by itself.

Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated