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Drop-down box and image relationship?

Question asked by AlexanderBeremoti on May 6, 2013
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Drop-down box and image relationship?


     Good morning :)


     New user io Filemaker Pro since this weekend and after watching turorials online for only 2 hours I was able in a single day to create a simple yet effective database! Awesome program so far! :)


     There is something I just can't find though, even after searching through the web and in Filemaker itself. Let me explain how my database works so far: I have 2 layouts created. One is a list with all my clients and when I click on one it brings me to a second layout showing me the selected client info like address, name, etc etc etc. On this layout I also have a button bringing me back to the list so I can browse and select another client (back and forth like that, pretty simple so far).


     My problem is that in my client info I have a a drop-down box I'm using for multiple choices and a container next to it with an image in it, and I would like for this image to change depending on what is selected in the drop-down list. Is that even possible?


     As an example let's say the drop-down list has ''green', ''yellow'' and ''red'' as choices. Depending of which one is selected the image next to it will either show the green, yellow or red square image that I have on my computer (already saved of course)


     I hope I explained it well enough here and any help would be appreciated :)