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    Drop-down box history



      Drop-down box history


      I am new to Filemaker and I am trying to develop a database. As I have been developing it I have used test data which I thought would clear as I deleted all the records, however I have a drop-down box that has collected all the entries entered in that field and now offers them as options to select. As this is test data I need to clear the old options. I have tried renewing the field completely, I have re-written the Value List but still the test data reappears.

      Does anyone know where these drop-down options are stored and how to delete them?

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          First, enter layout mode and check the info shown at the top of the inspector's data tab. There's a box titled "values from:" that gives you the name of the value list specified. Then click the pencil button to the right of this drop down to open manage | Value lists. You'll need to check the settings specified for this value list. If it uses custom values, you simply need to delete the custom values from the custom values box. If it specifies values from a field, you'll need to click the Specify Fields button to bring up a dialog where you can see the name of the table occurrence from which these fields are drawn. Now you can go to or create a layout that refers to the same table occurrence in the "show records from" drop down found in Layout Setup... Show All Records and then Delete All Records to empty out your value list of past values as this will delete all records in this table.

          Note: A "table occurrence" is a box found in Manage | Database | Fields. Often, it has the same name as the table (as defined in manage | database | tables) to which it refers, but not always. You can either double click the table occurrence box on the relationships tab or hover the mouse over the arrow in the top left corner to see the name of the table associated with that table occurrence.

          A simpler way to be sure that there are no records in any table is to use the Save a Copy As option from the file menu to save a clone of your file. the clone will have zero records in all tables.

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            Thank you for your very prompt reply

            I have followed your instructions as I understand them and have deleted every record in sight, but the options offered for the drop down box are still present.

            I have done a 'Save As' and given the database another name. The options on the drop down box are carried over to the new database.

            I have just created a new Value List to do the same as the existing one but called it something else and it appears to have cleared out the pesky options.

            I must be translating your instructions incorrectly.

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              I was wrong. That didn't work either!!

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                Please open manage database, open the value list definition by clicking edit and tell me what you see or post a screen shot of it.

                When you did the "save as" did you specify the clone option?

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                  I saved the database as a clone and it has worked.  Thank you.