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    Drop-down list



      Drop-down list


      Hi all,

      I am new to Filemaker and I hope you can help me with this one:

      I have a database with 2 tables:

      Table "AirLines" with fields :  Id [Number]  (Auto-Enter serial), and Name[Text]

      Table "FlightInfo" with fields : AirLine [Number]  and Flight [Text]

      I made a layout "FlightInformation"which shows data from the FlightInfo table, on which I added the FlightInfo::AirLine field.

      I changed its control-style to drop-down list. The values for the dropdown come from the value list 'vlAirlines'. This value list gets its values from the Airlines table using fields AirLines::Id, and AirLines::Name.

      Now when entering new data in the layout I am able to pick an AirLine from the dropdown list by name, and the airline Id shows up in the FlightInfo::AirLine field.

      However I  do not want the id shown on the layout , but the Name of the airline.

      It seems to me that this should be relatively easy but I can not figure out how to accomplish this.

      Any ideas would be welcome.


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          Option 1: Modify your value list setup so that column 1 is hidden. Now your value list will only show the airline names. (Airline names must be unique for this to work right.) Change your drop down to a pop-up menu and only the airline name will be displayed.

          Option 2: Place AirLines::Name directly on this layout next to your drop down field. If you wish to hide the number, you ca resize the drop-down until only the arrow is visible and place it next to the name field so that it looks like one field. You can use behavior in the Inspector to keep the user from entering the AirLine::Name field while in browse mode so that they don't inadvertantly edit the name of the airline.