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    Drop-down list and tooltips



      Drop-down list and tooltips


      I use a combination of tooltips and drop-down lists to select a financial account.

      Since I upgraded to FMPA12.0v1 for Mac, I don't get the tooltip anymore on a drop-down list.  Tooltips are handy when the item listed in the drop-down list is too long to fit.  Usually, when I hover the mouse pointer over the highlighted item in the list, a tooltip appears showing the entire account name, so I can tell if it's the correct one to choose.

      Any ideas?  Thanks very much.


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          I see from your screen shot that you are in find mode. Do you see the tool tip if you are in browse mode?

          On my tests, in both FMP 11 and 12, such a tool tip will not display a value when you are in find mode, but will when you are in browse mode. This makes sense given that nonglobal fields become empty in find mode so that they may be used for specifiying find criteria and thus there is no data to display in the tool tip.

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            Ok thanks, I forgot to think about Find mode.  However, it doesn't seem to work in Browse mode either, which it used to do pre FMPA12.

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              It works in 12 for me. In my example, I opened my Known Bugs List database that I've converted from .FP7 format to .FMP12.

              In layout mode, I clicked the pencil icon next to the tool tip box (now on the position tab instead of appearance...) and was careful to select the same table occurrence used for the portal from the "table" drop down, then double clicked the appropriate field name to select it for my tool tip expression. When I then return to browse mode and hover the mouse over this drop down field, I see the contents of the field displayed in the tool tip.

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                Hmm, It was all working before and not sure why things have changed after the conversion.  My Transactions table layout (which I refer to as Journal) is the parent table occurrence to the LineItems child table occurrence (which I refer to as Ledger).  The child table is a portal on the layout.  When I want to select an account from the Accounts table occurrence when adding transaction line items, the data is displayed from the child table, with a drop down list for values from the Account table.  A toolip shows the account name to help me select the proper account, since the length of the drop-down list is not long enough to show the entire account name.  

                As shown in the screenshot below, the account name does appear in the tooltip when I hover my mouse over the account ID FIELD, AFTER I have selected an account from the drop-down list.  But, as shown below, the tooltip doesn't appear when I hover my house over an account name (that's longer than the list's width) on the DROP-DOWN LIST, BEFORE or AFTER I select an account (this makes it difficult for me to know which account to pick when I can't read the entire account name).

                Thanks anyway Phil. 

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                  Interesting. I am seeing a very small behavior change when I compare the tool tip behavior on .fp7 and .fmp12 versions of this file.

                  In Filemaker 11, if I click on the arrow to deploy the value list, the tool tip automatically appears. In fileMaker 12, the tool tip disappears when in click the arrow to deploy the value list. If I then move the cursor away from the field and then return to hover over the field, the tool tip re-appears.

                  I get the same results when I remove the arrow feature to make this test as close a match as possible to what I see in your screen shots.

                  How does that match to what you are seeing? Can you move the mouse away from the field and back again to get the tool tip to appear?