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drop-down list doesn't auto-complete

Question asked by suef on Nov 5, 2010
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drop-down list doesn't auto-complete


I just upgraded from FMP 10 to 11.  I have a drop-down list that I use to choose from a long list of records.  The field is a combination of an ID#, name and birthdate.  In FMP10, I could start to type the name and the list would automatically go to that first few letters I type, and I could choose from there.

In FMP11, I cannot type into that field at all.  In the Inspector, the choice to allow auto-complete is greyed out.  I cannot do any typing to narrow down my selection - and this list is 2800 records long, so scrolling is out of the question!  How do I get the ability to choose the record the way I did in FMP10?